Continuous research for innovative solutions.


Since 1981 Uster specializes in precision machining of components based on strict customer design specifications and responds to the needs of various industries, both in the national and international markets. Our company is focused on the manufacturing of components and mechanical assemblies and manages project procedures throughout the whole production process, coordinating suppliers in Italy and abroad.



Established in 1981 as a company specialized in precision machining on a production to order basis. Deployed in a 300 sq m facility in Monastier di Treviso.


The first CNC system is purchased, moving from manual and semi-automatic machines to CNC machines, increasing the quality of the produced components.


The experience in the aeronautical industry sector begins with the construction of structural components and ground equipment.


The UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification obtained . First metalworking company in the province of Treviso.


Purchased first multi-tasking center, thus expanding the possibilities of accessing new market sectors by executing complex machining operations in a single setup.


Production of aerospace components for the Rosetta probe, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko mission.


Inaugurated the new 2500 sq. m headquarters, settling in the industrial area of Monastier.


Purchased the first module of an FMS line, which would be completed in 2011 by 2 other modules (25 stations).


Created a new brand of high precision diaphragm valves - ROIS Dosing Systems.


Since 2014 management of procedures related to MOCA (food contact) products, with the possibility of issuing the Certificate of Conformity.


The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs visits Uster as a case of a company of excellence in the metalworking sector.


Thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years of activity, Uster today has a high degree of specialization and is a reliable partner, able to provide its customers with technological solutions for every need.


We want to be a trusted partner for industrial customers by offering optimized precision machining operations and ensuring constant quality of manufacturing and related services, thanks to the professionalism and high skills of our organization.

Lean production

We carry out improvement and optimization procedures every day. For this reason, for several years we have been studying and implementing models based on Lean production thinking, increasingly focusing on waste minimization.

Social responsibility

We aim to create a working condition that respects people, gives continuity of employment and opportunities for profes-sional growth.


It is our characteristic in terms of both product and process. Our facilities, equipped with energy-saving systems, are partly powered by self-produced energy from re-newable sources.

Our team

Human resources are valued and made acquainted with any changes, because people are the essence of our company. Their complete involvement allows the best development of the company. We invest in continuous training to increase experience and potential of individuals and teams.