ROIS Dosing Systems


Diaphragm valve for dosing fluids

Following an innovative perspective, in 2014 Uster creates a new brand, ROIS Dosing Systems, a European patent for the production of microdosing valves, valves designed to dispense low and medium viscosity substances, exploiting a wide range of pulse adjustments of dispensing for extremely precise dosing.

Our valves are developed to guarantee millions of work cycles before maintenance is required.

The Rois diaphragm valve dispenses precise and uniform quantities of food and beverages used in manufacturing and packaging activities.

The diaphragm valve is suitable for:
 - Filling of bottles, jars and bags with drinks and creams
- Application of greases and lubricants on metal parts used in canning processes
- Dispensing points of cyanoacrylates and adhesives on boxes for packaging.


Diaphragm valve, precise production systems in product dosage

The Rois valve is applied in various sectors: food, cosmetic, electronic, pharmaceutical, in the automotive and assembly industry.
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