What are the materials that Uster knows and works with?
All aluminum alloys, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, construction steels, tempered and automatic, bronze and brass; special steels and titanium.
Does Uster guarantee quality control?
Quality control in Uster is guaranteed from the moment the raw material enters the plant: the material is checked and labeled with a unique code that guarantees full traceability. Thanks to a dimensional statistical control for each production order, all processes are constantly monitored. In addition to monitoring in production, thanks to an air-conditioned control room complete with a Zeiss three-dimensional measuring machine, we can carry out checks and tests according to the standards required by the customer.
How does Uster ensure compliance with delivery dates?
At Uster, customer satisfaction comes first and compliance with delivery dates is essential. The sharing of information between the various work teams and the management, planning and production software ensure continuous monitoring of all business processes. Our services.
How does Uster manage other suppliers?
All Uster suppliers are audited at the beginning of the collaboration and thereafter on a constant basis. Thanks to the help of qualified suppliers, Uster guarantees products complete with every specification.
How is logistics organized in Uster?
To manage national and international shipments, Uster has chosen the best logistic partners who guarantee quick deliveries all over the world.