The company


Uster, partner over time

The history of Uster began thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of Mario Pellin who founded the company in 1981. Over the years, he was joined by his son Daniele, who, as a sign of generational continuity and a project of growth and evolution, currently holds the role of CEO. 

In the last decade Uster has oriented itself towards a more international market with a clear mission: to continue research and innovation, strengthening partnerships with its customers with whom it has now created stable long-term relationships.  
In 2021 the company celebrated an important milestone: 40 years since its foundation, a history and an experience that looks forward, to face future challenges with passion and determination.

Invest to innovate

A flexible and custom production, a constant commitment for the quality and the formation of the resources.
Update of the production processes, latest technology, machining and certifications aligned with the market’s requests and the dynamics of the sector. 


Precision and flexibility, even with high volume production.
High degree of accuracy, from the choice of the machinery to the machining, always promoting the formation and competence of resources in technical and productive area.          
Production flexibility for 10 industrial sectors
Education and high know-how of the employees
Process and manufacturing innovation
International certifications
Organized update of the machinery park
40 years of experience in precise manufacturing

Quality tests

Uster adopts from many years a Quality protocol based on safe and certified tests and procedures for the final products with high qualitative standards in terms of endurance and exterior roughness.
The management quality system is constantly controlled and updated in order to make a flexible and leveled production.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Uster is certified from 1996 in “Prototyping and construction on order of components and mechanical groups assembled in metallic and non-metallics materials, through precise machining”. MOCA
Uster manages the procedures relative to MOCA products from 01.01.14, with the possibility of releasing the EC Certificate of conformity 1935/2004, directive 2023/2006 – d.m. (Ministerial degree) n. 34 1973 DPR 777/82.
Besides the different calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, bore meters, smooth and threaded buffers and rings, there are also high-precision instruments/tools such as: digital altimeters, roughness testers and durometers.
3D-scan machines with continuous scan.
Continuous measurements and statistic control of the production process.
Dimensional tests and functional suitability certificates.
SERVICES for our clients correspond to a precise quality code, from certifications to the Kanban warehouse run with digitalized reorganization, to the specific packaging and the best traceability of the materials.

A Responsible Choice

The concept of sustainability has by now assumed an increasingly broader value and meaning. Adopting a business strategy that empowers us is fundamental not only for the economy but for the community.
In small steps Uster is committed to following this direction by reducing the environmental impact, avoiding waste, improving environments and not least by using a warehouse management method, kanban, which avoids overproduction and streamlines the stock of semi-finished products. with a view to lean thinking. Because every choice we make generates new opportunities.
USTER for sustainability

Our choices

Warehouse management also with kanban, for avoid overproduction and streamline stocks of products with a view to lean thinking

Automatic refilling of systems for reuse of the cooling lubricant oil

Use fabric cloths in place of the blotting paper
Reusable packaging for freight transport

“Quality means satisfying the customer's needs and exceeding their own expectations by continuing to improve.”
― William Edwards Deming