Uster specializes in the production and assembly of precision mechanical components and assemblies. The presence of high-tech and cutting-edge production plants, combined with the competence and excellence of the employees, guarantee quality to all customers in the different sectors of origin.

With a view to continuous improvement, Uster, through training, research and implementation of new strategies and innovative processes, offers customers the best solutions to industrialize their products.


A modern industrial reality that offers milling and turning operations, ensuring high standards of quality and repeatability over time. The company specializes in the mechanical processing of aluminum alloys and stainless steels, also operating on automatic and tempered steel, bronze, brass and special materials such as titanium.

• Milling
• Turning
• Multitasking 5 axes

Treatments and finishes

Surface and thermal treatments are outsourced processes entrusted to a network of specialized partners.
Among the services we offer are:
• Anodizing
• Technical coatings
• Corrigendum
• Nickel plating
• Galvanizing
• Passivation
• Electropolishing
• Heat treatments
• Ceramic floor coverings
• Mechanical polishing

The step by step process

Analysis of drawings and estimates
Prototyping and production orders
Production with control board and machining cycle for each individual component
Dimensional control during and after production
Treatments (thermal, protective, ceramic coating or polishing)
Assembly and supply chain
Logistics and shipments
In USTER each phase is checked and monitored several times, the procedures tested and refined, dynamically without approximation.
To give you reliability over time.