The processing
There is a wide range of particular PROCESSING, in addition to the main ones and treatments. Special processes such as super finishes, deep holes, casting or high-speed machining to fully respond to the customer's requests.
Uster is committed to producing highly competitive products with the production of components in light alloys, stainless steels, tempered steels and titanium and dedicated tools thanks to the commitment and updating of the Team in the production and technical area.


The particular and main processes

Main processes

Turning, milling, assembly
5-AXIS three-dimensional machining with the aid of a Cad-Cam station with CNC sawing machines dedicated to the various types of materials in preparation for machining.
AMADA cutting machine

Special processing

Super finishes without the use of grinding
Rolling of holes and cylindrical surfaces
Deep holes
High speed machining (technologies up to 60,000 rpm)
• Machining of castings

Treatments and supplies

Non-destructive tests, surface and heat treatments, polishing, standard coatings and the supply of polished or satin-finished parts are entrusted to qualified external suppliers.

The step by step process

Analysis of drawings and estimates
Prototyping and production orders
Production with control card and processing cycle for each single component
Dimensional control during and after production
Treatments (thermal, protective, ceramic coating or polishing)
Assembly and supply chain
Logistics and shipping
In USTER each phase is checked and monitored several times, the procedures tested and perfected, in a dynamic way without approximation.
To give you reliability over time.