Making precision, from project analysis to complete supply chain solutions

For Uster, service is a priority. We adopt lean procedures and careful production planning with certain delivery times. We carry out project analyzes, accurate checks throughout the process, certifications and traceability of materials for our customers.
For information security, NDAs, international confidentiality agreements, are envisaged.



  • specific quality controls, MOCA and issuing of certificates attesting the non-release of alloying elements on the final product.
  • Certificates of dimensional testing and functional suitability.
  • Extra certificates: test certificates for assembled groups and quality certificates for single pieces upon customer request, as a further guarantee of the standard controls already foreseen in production. Metrology room, Zeiss "Contura" and "Calypso".

Controlled products

integrated control of the work progress with planning software (MES + APS) for the
• continuous measurements and dimensional statistical checks
• control of production times thanks also to a scheduled maintenance plan of the machinery

Scheduled deliveries, including emergency deliveries

  • Management system (MRP) to simulate in the order confirmation phase the expected times for processing the production batch.
  • Identification of raw materials with QR-Code and unique lots to guarantee delivery dates and urgent requests
  • Kanban warehouse: The Kanban method allows to reduce the lead time necessary for the production of components. Kanban to reduce stocks, optimize the production process and precise delivery planning.
  • Integrated tool management: tools always available with automatic magazine
  • Customer specific packaging

Traceability of materials

Digital archive of raw material certificates for the safety of origin. Even after many years, the customer can ask for the certificate of a material used for a component.

Not only components but also assembled groups

  • For a more complete service, Uster has specialized in the assembly and testing of mechanical units. Thanks to a dedicated area and Kanban supply agreements, we are able to respond quickly to even the most demanding customer requests.
“Every day we ask ourselves - How can we make this customer happy? How can we do this by continuing along the path of innovation? - We wonder why, otherwise, someone else will do it.”
― Bill Gates